This all in one tool is simple, versatile and has a nostalgic design. It provides a release for fascia, muscle tension, and deep strain.

Your BODY IRON® TOOL is custom made and tumble polished in Michigan, and we are dedicated to maintaining production of all Body Iron® products in the USA.

Please review any protocols, exercises or tools with your licensed healthcare professional to make sure it is appropriate for your use – It may not be advisable for you to participate in our protocols, BODY IRON® tools or exercises.


TeleMobility Call

BODY IRON® Mobility Bag®: All Inclusive Solution to Pain Reduction and Musculoskeletal Health

  • Knowledge: Your 1 on 1 Telemobility Call with IMC backed by 30+ years of research-science backed protocols for pain relief and mobility improvement. (IMC resolves over 92% of musculoskeletal disorders without the assistance of addictive pain medications or need for invasive procedures such as injections or surgery.)

  • Protocols: The BODY IRON® app and website powered by JointStrong®.

  • Tools:

    1. BODY IRON® Tool for prevention.

    2. A referral, if needed, to an IMC Certified Healthcare Professional by an IMC Health Clinician.

You will speak personally with an IMC Health Coach who will:

  • Perform an evaluation with you for pain and mobility.

  • Introduce you to the BODY IRON®  Mobility app, powered by JointStrong®.

  • Advise you on the use of protocols through the BODY IRON® app/website powered by JointStrong®.

  • Refer you to an IMC Certified Healthcare Professional if you have an acute/critical MSK need or issue.


Mobility Bags

The Mobility Bags are grab and go bags designed for you, the consumer, around themes like PAIN REDUCTION, PAIN PREVENTION, MOBILITY, HYDRATION, and PROTECTION. Each bag contains tools and resources specific to its theme to help you properly evaluate and treat musculoskeletal pain and discomfort from the effects of sitting, injury, fascia, deep muscle strain, and more.

Customize your Mobility Bag® with your select products or choose one of our three premium Mobility Bags that have already been designed for your convenience. You pick, we pack and ship!